NTAs, Drop and Twitter nasties • 28/01/2011
Hiya! Its been quite a week….

When Big Brother finished I got a few jobs…but I never imagined that three of them would be on at the same time!! It’s hilarious! I keep having to put different presenting hats on! Quiz hat, entertainment hat, reality hat I’ve got a lot of hats! Million Pound Drop is back…I feel bedded into that show now, its a really nice feeling.

I feel like I own it …its Mine ALL MINE I TELL YOU!! MMMMMMMWWWWAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH Biggest Loser is doing well too! YAY!!! I was so worried because its on such a tricky night with so many other great shows on, but tis holding its own!!! And Got to Dance is just MAGIC!!! First live semi finals this Sunday!! WOOP WOOP – 6pm Sky 1 HD

I have been tweet-tastic…loving it at mo. I often get asked why I retweet the vicious people. I don’t re tweet people who just don’t like me or are a bit rude. But when I think someone is bang out of order and super offensive, I retweet. I do this because I think people hide behind twitter. They feel they can be abusive and hide away. I dont think that’s right. So I out them and their nastiness for everyone to see and so there is no place to hide. For me, twitter-world is a place of truth and positivity. A place to share experiences , news, reviews and laugh a lot. Thats the most surprising thing I have found with twitter..its soooooooo funny! So BE GONE nasty twitterers…twitter is no place for you.

I’ve had a passion project that I’ve been working on for years… I reaaaaaaaalllllllly want to make it happen. But it’s like anything, I have to stop talking about it and JUST DO IT. My friend Michael Heppell once said to me massive action=massive results. This year I’m going to get on with it. I reckon the more I talk about it, it will SHAME me into making it happen. (That last paragraph was a rant to myself really sorry!!!) .

Now, lets talk NTA’s. The NTA’s are the best awards because they are voted for by you.They are the awards that mean the most. If I’m totally honest I was a bit gutted that Big Brother didn’t win. I can understand…so many people watch I’m a celeb.(including me) I was just gutted.The presenter one I knew I wasnt going to win. It’s a running joke in my family. I’ve been nominated 9 times(?) I think…but you cant compete with Ant and Dec can you? Before Ant and Dec it was Michael Barrymore who won year after year…

Louis Spence blew me away. He has inspired me, his flexibility and his flic fliacs and his sheer diva-ness was jaw droppingly brilliant. Matthew quite right said to me “Now, THAT’S entertainment!” We were staying in a hotel in London without the kids so we went to the after show which was great. But one orange juice,a carton of asian noodles and a shoot for Heat dressed as a maid from Downton Abbey later and we were in a car, off for our romantic NIGHT!!!

love you xx