Are You Ready to Drop and Dance? • 15/10/2010
And so, Million Pound Drop! It’s time to exercise your vocal chords and get screaming at the television again, because that is basically what Million Pound Drop is all about. And how do I know that? Because I’m screaming quietly in my own head while the contestants are playing….and it’s all very easy for us when we’re not the people sat there with 1 million pounds of cold hard cash in front of you, but actually when you’re faced with that money it’s pretty nerve-wracking!

And…it’s now going to be a slightly longer show to give people a chance to get all the way through to potentially win some serious money. Also, if you are watching the show, Please please watch it with a computer so you can play online alongside the contestants on the television. So there is no excuse for saying ‘I could have done that’ or ‘I would have known that’ – now you can test that out yourself, and see if you really do have what it takes…

And so to Got to Dance! It seems every day we all find ourselves saying the same thing: ‘oh the bar’s really been set today, you can’t get better than that!’ and then sure enough, the next day we’ll say it again, and then so on and so forth…until we finally find ourselves asking ‘Oh God, how high can the bar go!?’

These guys are so innovative and different to anything we’ve had before – they’ve all upped the ante, and what I love about this season is we’ve had such a variety of acts – from Elizabethan to Baroque, we’ve had it all, as well as lots of people who want to educate and bring awareness to their style of dance.

It’s just a really amazing feel good programme, and this year I’ve been treated to some amazing dancing lessons from Ashley, Kimberly and Adam…and this is my job!? Can you imagine!? My actual job is getting dancing lessons off these guys!

The Judges

I’m currently recording the big trailer for the show…and It’s really stressful – lets just say that dancing is something that doesn’t come naturally to me!, despite lessons from the best in the biz!

Before I go on a Got to Dance theme I wanted to mention Matthew Koon. When we got to the final of Got to Dance last year all four acts could have won, it was so close. Akai was a brilliant winner but Matthew Koon stood out, he’s so great and his poise is incredible. He has become the benchmark for everything on the show and he’s a tough act to beat! He is involved in the new Rakafeed project and I wanted to show you the video where he dances in an underwater tank. Brilliant stuff.