The End is Here • 24/08/2010
Wow it is a weird a day today! It’s the final of the last ever Big Brother on Channel 4 but it doesn’t feel like the end because as well as announcing a winner we are going to be adding in a whole bunch of new housemates to the house.

It is really odd – I feel like I should be mourning the end of something but I am so excited about Ultimate Big Brother that I am not allowing myself to grieve yet. I know who is going in and the thing for me is how all these really big characters we have loved and hated over the years are going to get on.

There are some real firecrackers going in! Woop woop!! I have just looked at my schedule for today and I have to try and not use up all my energy – I have a marathon amount to do! It’s going to be like doing a one woman telethon – and without sugar! My sister is coming down to the show as is my nanny and a whole bunch of friends that come every week so it will be a real party after the show – I’m not going to say who i think is going to win, I know who most of you thinks is going to win ….