No one would have expected that Demian’s magic attraction in the last few days would bring about the terrible incidents experienced by Edison or Echon. The trick ‘Death Drop’ played by Demian caused Echon to break a rib and injury to the nerves in the buttocks area.

Reported from various sources, here are a number of medical explanations to see from the conditions mentioned are being experienced Echon. Here in between.

1. Broken ribs

Based on testimony from Echon’s elder brother, next Monday Echon will undergo surgery for five broken ribs. The most common complication of broken ribs is difficulty breathing due to illness. If you do not breathe deep enough, mucus and moisture can form in your lungs and cause infections like pneumonia, as quoted from Very Well.

2. Injury to the coccyx

Because of a fairly severe injury, Echon also had to undergo examination of his tail bone feared fracture. Broken tail bone can be detected by doing x-rays. When suffering severe fractures, hospitalization is needed. Operational measures are also worth considering.

3. Lungs leak

Other news said Echon had a leaky lung due to a broken rib, though it has not been confirmed. Lung injury itself can be caused by a variety of things, either directly as a result of trauma such as piercing, infection, chemicals, and others, or indirectly with sepsis (bacteria infecting blood flow), heavy bleeding from injury, and drug overdose.