Excess body weight is not merely because many eat. Unhealthy snacking and often can also be the cause.

Because when dieting, experts recommend to replace the snack with fruit and vegetables. If you still want to snack, hunger is not felt due to lack of nutrients, but because of snacking habits.

Then, what can be done to overcome them? Summarized detikHealth from various sources, following 3 practical steps to eliminate the desire to snack.

1. Sleep early

One of the causes of appetite and soaring snacking is the body that lacks sleep and lack of rest. Therefore start tonight, try to sleep early to meet your hours of sleep.

2. Eat favorite foods

The desire to snack is very high when the diet because your food consumption is limited. In order to emotional satisfaction awake, occasionally you also need to consume favorite foods, of course, with the appropriate portion.

3. Have a hobby

The desire to snack often appears when the mind and activity are empty. Therefore, it’s good you have a hobby that can distract you from hunger and craving desire.